Sunday, 10 November 2013

The Nurse who Came In With a Cold: recharging the batteries

Last week was a study in human endurance. OK, OK, that’s possibly a slight exaggeration. Those who read last week’s blog might remember that I was suffering with a bad cold (not flu). Well said cold went straight to my chest. Like a REF Impact Case Study, there was a direct line of connection between my bad cold and near bronchitis. By the Monday I was coughing and spluttering and totally incapable of doing anything that required sustained effort. Cello was not impressed with his shorter than normal daily walks!

This, as it turned out, was a good thing. I was on week’s holiday at the house in Scotland. Had I not been feeling so rough, I am sure that despite being on holiday I would have looked at emails, tweeted on Twitter, and over used my smart phone and in so doing wrecked any chance of enjoying any down time. I have always admired those folk who can go off for a fortnight’s holiday somewhere, leaving work way behind.

So instead of moving my office to Scotland I left the lap-top in its case, the iPad unopened and turned the sound off on my phone. And strange as it might sound, in-between the running nose, pounding headache, hacking cough, shivers and generally feeling miserable about everything and everyone, I actually started to feel better in myself. 

As I said, I couldn't face long walks, but loved walking along the shore and through the woods with Cello. On one afternoon I was fortunate enough to see an otter playing, swimming, fishing and eating along the front as the tides turned. On another morning I went along to the local Ladies Guild Christmas Fair at the local Village Hall. Over indulged with the most delicious home made scones, cream and strawberry jam, and got brought up to date with the village gossip (shades of vanilla rather than grey!). I didn't win a raffle prize though.

Tuesday night I was able to watch the local firework display from the comfort of my lounge. Although the village firework show wasn't as ostentatious as the Sydney Harbour displays we have come to marvel at, it was as little Jack my 2 year old grandson said, ‘awesome’ nevertheless.

By the end of last week I was feeling much better physically, emotionally and more relaxed and refreshed. I know that later on today I shall have to open that in-box and tackle the emails and possibly by the middle of the working week my recharging week in Scotland will seem like far distant dream. However, I will remember in future to leave my computer and desire to stay in touch with work at home the next time I have a holiday. Roll on Christmas! If you want to create a better life for yourself and perhaps are thinking where in the world might you find this, try this wonderful guide – you might be pleasantly surprised