Sunday, 8 April 2012

Being on Gardening Leave and the Mystery of the Big White Egg

I am writing this blog posting on Easter Sunday 2012. The Easter bank holiday weekend marks the start of a week’s Gardening Leave. And don’t worry; I am talking semi-agricultural and or maybe botanical and not anything organisationally sinister and terminal. Thus this is a very short blog as I am itching to get outside and continue what I started on Friday and Saturday, albeit that Mother Nature seems to be doing a grand job without any help from me.

But the green house is cleared and cleaned, the grapevine that has permanent residency in it, has already started to bud up, ready to burst into life. The raised beds are cleared ready to be planted; the seeds have germinated and survived last week’s frosts. The lawns have been scarified and already the summer green is beginning to show through the winter lack lustre look. The slightly shaggy end of Winter beginning of Spring look that has typified the hedges these last few weeks has gone. They are now trimmed to perfection and stand as proud guardians against unwanted visitors whilst at the same time providing luxury homes for the gardens bird life.

The weather is set to be sunny and Spring like again today, so one would think that all was well here. And up until yesterday morning I might have agreed. However, when feeding the chickens yesterday morning, I noticed that Jemima’s (as in Puddle Duck) huge nest contained a big shiny new white egg. Now I have a parrot, chickens, a little black bantam, and a Duck who thinks she’s a Chicken, but nothing that is capable of laying such a huge egg. How it got there is a mystery. But I am on holiday and I do like a good mystery...

...and if like you me you are also off for a few days over Easter, I wish you a very happy, relaxing and egg-citing time.